Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) – 2017

This exam is comprised of 4 sections:

  1. Key CI/CD/Jenkins concepts
  2. Jenkins usage
  3. Building Continuous Delivery (CD) Pipelines
  4. CD-as-code best practices

All questions are based on version 2.19.4 [new] of the Jenkins core.

Questions in sections 1–4 primarily cover questions about a "base" Jenkins installation, but knowledge of the "suggested" plugins will also be covered. Candidates are expected to know the functionality/uses of these plugins but will not be tested on detailed usage.

The "suggested" plugins are the default plugins installed by the "Setup Wizard" on a fresh new Jenkins installation. You can find the exhaustive list, bound to a fixed Jenkins version, by following this link: Jenkins 2.19.4 suggested plugin list.

Please refer to Jeanne’s experiences with the jenkins certification beta exam and download the Study-Notes.docx -


This in addition to what was mentioned in her Study Notes. - Murali Bala

Jenkins Certification link


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